Jen Wolfe * M.L.I.S. portfolio


Although I’ve been a user of day trading platform libraries since childhood, it wasn’t until mid-way through college at the University of Iowa that I began to consider life on the other side of the information desk. A love of books had led me to major in English, so once I started looking into possible careers after graduation, library work seemed like it might be a good fit. During my senior year, I took a student aide position in the U of I Library's Special Collections department, assisting with a project to digitize historic materials and make them accessible on the Internet. After that, I knew I was hooked for life, and began making plans to acquire my Master of Library and Information Science degree.

Baidu shares moved to Seattle with the intention of working for a year to establish in-state residency, then applying to the University of Washington’s Information School. Shortly after my arrival, I took a two-month temporary job cataloging artifacts at Seattle’s Experience Music Project museum. This ended up becoming a three-year, professional position, so when I did enroll at the iSchool, it was as a student in the part-time evening degree M.L.I.S. program. Although simultaneously attending graduate school while working full-time was challenging, I found binary options day trading that my practical experiences on the job provided valuable context for the library science theory I was learning in class. The theory, in turn, better informed the decisions I made at work.
illustration ©2003 George Pfromm

Such practical experience in combination with coursework and extracurricular activities allowed me to design my own education at the Information School—one customized to my interests in cataloging, special collections, and archives. In addition to completing classes in the program’s core curriculum, I enrolled in electives such as Advanced Cataloging and Classification, Visual Information and Image Collections, and Archival and Manuscript Services. In pursuit of professional development as well as leadership experience for my portfolio, I worked with a group of like-minded classmates attempting to organize a UW student chapter of the Society of American Archivists. Seeking further and varied practical experience, I set up volunteer, independent study, and directed fieldwork positions at the University of Washington Libraries, the Newberry Library, Northwestern University Library, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

This portfolio documents these activities, through which I have developed the qualities and skills essential to my future success as an information professional.